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Actionscript Libraries

Mininal UI

Minimal UI is graphical management library for actionscript 3.0, inspired by multiple other libraries, including Flex. It contains XML markup classes to describe UI, simple CSS syntax for styling, and annotation-based dynamic linking with you classes.

Common Lisp For Actionscript 3.0

Originally made for scripting cards behavior in Arcomage game. Allows evaluation of basic Common Lisp code in runtime.

Soon, it's gonna evolve Scheme implementation for it's much more popular today.

Emacs modes

JS Hint mode for Emacs

Defines flymode to run for js files. Highlights errors on the fly, navigates around.

See github page for installation instructions.

Command Line Studios

Bash is a powerful and nice place for different "New Project" or "Add Library..." scripts available in some studios, and language or framework related IDE. As part of studying BASH and making life easier and cross-platform, bunch of code is now CLS :)

Flex Hive

To create flex projects and maintain their abilities, store them in repository with scripts available in it's root.

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